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East Bay Tire Fleet Solutions

East Bay Tire provides comprehensive fleet solutions to empower your operations with the highest level of safety, accuracy, and efficiency. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to keep your fleet on the road and your business on track.

With a large team of seasoned technicians and state-of-the-art service vehicles, we are available to provide 24-hour support with the fastest roll times, the best equipment, and the most experienced technicians in the industry.

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Going Where Others Can't

Custom Earthmover & OTR Solutions

Our commitment to the highest level of safety in every project environment helps ensure peace of mind for equipment managers supporting the civil construction industry and beyond. From loaders and haul trucks to rigid dumps, articulated dumps, and scraper trucks, our earthmoving and OTR program caters to a diverse range of applications. Supported by an extensive network of service locations across the West Coast, Arizona, and Hawaii, East Bay Tire is strategically positioned to meet equipment manager needs wherever their work takes them. At the heart of our program is the largest, most modern fleet of service trucks, ready to tackle every off-the-road situation.

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What Sets Our Fleet Services Apart

Highest Level of Safety

With East Bay Tire’s fleet services, you can rest assured knowing that safety is our top priority. We strive to deliver the highest levels of safety standards and practices to keep your fleet operating reliably and securely.

Accurate & Timely Billing

We work diligently to ensure transparent and efficient billing processes, allowing you to easily manage and track your expenses with confidence.

Service Centers Near You

East Bay Tire provides fleet service, solid tire pressing, foam filling, retreading, 24-hour emergency road service, and more from service centers spread throughout Northern California, Arizona, and Hawaii.

National & Specialized Programs

East Bay Tire offers comprehensive programs designed to meet the specific needs of fleet owners, providing customized support to ensure your fleet operates at its best, no matter the size or type.
Fleet Owners We Serve

Accelerating Fleet Owner Success

East Bay Tire proudly serves fleet owners across multiple industries, offering tailored solutions for commercial trucks, civil construction and agricultural equipment, equipment rentals, delivery service providers, and more. With our extensive inventory, dealer programs, and dedicated support, we provide the right tires and services to keep your customers moving.
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Fleet Tech Solutions

Drive Smarter, Go Farther​

East Bay Tire leverages advanced technology to streamline fleet management for an array of customers. Our various software solutions, data analytics, and performance tracking tools provide a comprehensive view of fleet performance for maximum efficiency. With our tech-driven fleet management systems, East Bay Tire customers can monitor tire pressure, wear, and temperature. This helps strengthen maintenance schedules and minimize the risk of breakdown, so your fleet works harder and smarter for you.
  • Digital Pressure Systems
  • Fleet Assessment and Data Tracking
  • Cost Per Hour / Cost Per Mile Analysis
  • Application Advice
  • Equipment / Material Transfer Mapping
  • Preventative Maintenance

Find the Right Product for Track Machinery

Filter and search our online inventory of compact construction track products, complete with specifications, performance ratings, and product details.

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Answering the Call of 
Fleet Owners

Our commitment to “Answer the Call” means we are here when you need us — to answer technical questions in English and Spanish, tackle challenges, and navigate evolving industry trends. We’re here with you every step of the way.
Service Centers

Find a Tire Service Center Near You

Find solutions from service locations across Northern California, Arizona, and Hawaii. Whether you seek commercial tire installation, repair, or maintenance, our on-site experts are ready to provide you with exceptional service. Experience the convenience of East Bay Tire’s widespread presence and find your nearest location.
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