Earthmover & OTR Equipment Managers

Tires for Earthmoving & Off-The-Road (OTR) Equipment Managers

East Bay Tire offers on-call, specialized solutions to enhance the performance of earthmoving and Off-The-Road (OTR) tires that keep essential industries like mining, aggregate, and heavy construction moving forward.

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Custom Earthmover & OTR Solutions​

East Bay Tire is committed to supporting the essential industries whose work takes them off the road and onto the soil. Our Earthmoving & OTR program gives customers the tools and resources they need to help select the right tire for specific applications and environments. Our product and service support helps companies that work off the road forecast, reduce downtime, reduce overall cost, mitigate safety, and extend the life of their tires to get the job done right.

Excellence Wherever You Need It

Earthmoving & OTR Equipment Manager Program Highlights

Our commitment to the highest level of safety in every project environment helps ensure peace of mind for equipment managers supporting the civil construction industry and beyond. From loaders and haul trucks to rigid dumps, articulated dumps, and scraper trucks, our earthmoving and OTR program caters to a diverse range of applications. Supported by an extensive network of service locations across the West Coast, Arizona, and Hawaii, East Bay Tire is strategically positioned to meet equipment manager needs wherever their work takes them. At the heart of our program is the largest, most modern fleet of service trucks, ready to tackle every off-the-road situation.


With the capacity to retread the largest OTR tires manufactured, we provide comprehensive section and spot repair for a sustainable solution that extends tire life.

Our program provides thorough wheel assessments and top-notch sales services so that every aspect of our customers’ OTR machinery’s wheel system is expertly maintained and optimized for performance and safety.

Our experts focus on every detail, including valve stems. Our precise valve stem services contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of OTR equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal tire performance. It’s our commitment to doing the basics the best that makes this so critical.

Gain access to the benefits of Tire Life®, a premium liquid formula that protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim issues caused by scale and pitting. Tire Life extends the average lifespan of tires and reduces labor costs associated with tire dismounting.

Our program includes analyzing scrap tires to provide valuable insights into performance, wear patterns, and potential improvements. This data-driven approach helps optimize tire management strategies for better efficiency and cost savings.

Training is a cornerstone of our program. Our service experts are MSHA, TIA, and Klinge certified. Training is ongoing so we can continually implement the latest technologies and protocols into our program.

A New Level of OTR Excellence

Technology-Enhanced Solutions

In the evolving world of earthmoving and OTR machinery, East Bay Tire’s OTR program is a giant leap forward for our customers. 

East Bay Tire implements advanced tire tracking software and tire pressure monitoring systems for even greater visibility into asset performance and optimized maintenance. Our experts perform regular site-specific evaluations which result in reducing overall cost and downtime. This level of transparency and innovation is unparalleled in the industry and is the kind of trailblazing customers have come to expect from East Bay Tire.

The Brands Essential Industries Trust

Our Earthmoving and OTR Tire Brand Selection

East Bay Tire proudly offers one of the largest, most readily available inventories of earthmoving and OTR tires available on the market. Our brands are handpicked for superior quality, durability, and traction in diverse conditions, and our experts are available to assist with selection.

MEet the experts of East Bay Tire

Answering the Call for Our Customers

Our team at East Bay Tire offers unparalleled knowledge and industry experience to provide highly customized solutions. We are tire experts who go beyond selling tires to build lasting relationships and work closely with our customers. Our commitment to “Answer the Call” means we are here when you need us — to answer technical questions in English and Spanish, tackle challenges, and navigate evolving industry trends. We’re with you every step of the way.

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