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January 4, 2024

East Bay Tire’s Brand Evolution: Blending Tradition with Tomorrow’s Vision

At East Bay Tire, we eagerly embrace the relentless tide of progress. It’s exciting to unite our legacy of tire expertise with our commitment to the future. We propel vital industries forward, forging the path of advancement. To continue our history of putting clients first, we ceaselessly improve to meet their needs — to answer the call. That is why East Bay Tire has teamed up with BuildWitt to evolve our brand forward. 

Our goal was to create a more user-friendly website that supports our quest for continuous improvement and customer service. Just as we have the solutions you can depend on with our industry-leading tire operations, you can also count on us to rise to the challenge of staying fresh and agile in a fast-paced world. 

Verbal Refresh

We wanted to emphasize and expand upon our core principles and what makes East Bay Tire unique. We have placed a high priority on articulating our culture, values, and mission. While legacy and purpose have been defining features of East Bay Tire since its inception over 75 years ago, we have honed in on ensuring our clients and employees understand our core values. 

  • How we work: Do the basics the best
  • How we succeed: True grit
  • How we grow: Win together 

East Bay Tire is committed to never cutting corners, consistently delivering until the job is done, and sharing our knowledge and success with industry partners and clients. This culminates into East Bay Tire’s everyday mantra to serve you best: We answer the call. 

Visual Update

We’ve evolved our brand persona with an updated logo to reflect our commitment to growth within our industry and client base. East Bay Tire’s visual branding has been refreshed to feature ancillary graphics that offer a clean look that mirrors our upstanding and reliable operation. This update is not just about aesthetics; it symbolizes our commitment to evolve while staying true to our roots. 


The crux of this transformation lies in our digital presence. The new website is designed to provide a more authentic and enhanced user experience (UX), offering more direct paths to the tires and services you need. 

Visit our new website

These enhancements include: 

  • Improved Search: Easily Find the nearest location using zip code lookup and a custom Google API integration.
  • Spanish Translation: We now feature a more inclusive site, offering a fully translated site for our Spanish-speaking customers.
  • ATS Integration: Job seekers can now filter open positions seamlessly.
  • Social Media Integration: The Instagram feed is maintained and presented more on-brand, providing a glimpse into our tire world.
  • User-Friendly Contact Forms: Contact the right person effortlessly through targeted contact forms.
  • FAQ Page: Answers to common queries are just a click away.
  • Individual Service Location Pages: Explore our various service locations and connect directly.
  • Dealer Portal Registration/Access: Our dealers have a dedicated space for registration and access.
  • Company History Section: Delve into the rich legacy of East Bay Tire.
  • Custom Forms: Tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Thank you for continuing your journey with East Bay Tire. As our brand evolves, we hope that our streamlined website and more clearly defined principles will improve not only our ability to serve you but your ability to succeed. We look forward to continued excellence and service in operational excellence.

Check out this overview video to learn more about how the team at East Bay Tire works together to ensure that we can always answer the call.